Throughout high school I was in Keyclub, an organization where you have to go out into the community and volunteer.  A few friends and I would go to an elementary school after school program once a week.  I vividly remember being asked if I was interested in going into education by one of the teachers and my adamant answer, at least in my mind was “absolutely not.”  I’m sure I said something much more diplomatic, something along the lines of, perhaps one day finding a job that would bring film and art to kids – because even then I knew I wanted to go to film school.  And years later, here I am working in higher education.  So maybe  I shouldn’t have been so quick to think at age seventeen I wouldn’t go into education in some facet at some point.  A short time after volunteering in the elementary school I was a mentor for a film program that focused on high school students.

I suppose what I took away most from volunteering with the kids was that a lot of them were really creative in their storytelling.  Their random or not in their minds, but in older minds random ways of telling stories.  Their ideas didn’t always make sense but they were pretty imaginative.  Somewhere along the way of life, we seem to lose that.  I’m not talking about innocence, I’m referring more to the fact that children really do see through a different lens than adults do.

playground A lot of the best creativity seemed to happen here.
 A playground, A lot of the best creativity seemed to happen here.