VA Film FestivalI was able to attend the Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville, VA.  There were a lot of great films throughout the weekend.  In Paul Wagner’s documentary Boom or Bust a film on The Erie Canal I was able to see Bruce Jackson, a renowned photographer and a professor I had at SUNY Buffalo.  The director was a former mentor of mine at Lighthouse Studio where I made the documentary Throwing Away the Key.  People often say my life is serendipitous but the truth is, it’s just how my life is.

I’ve been going to the VA film festival since 2000, when my high school tv production teacher, Denny Barberio encouraged me to show my documentary project Teacher’s Pet.  It was that festival that made me want to go to film school in the first place.  I met Woody Sherman and Kathleen Mueller at the gala and in my senior year interned for them at Thoughtstream Media.  We are still in touch and Woody got to be a part of the Oliver Stone interview through The Miller Center, where he currently works.